• Sportlich durch den Winter – Snowkiten | euromaxx

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  • Curling 1 today show

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  • UAE Teen Ice-Skater Eyes Big At Winter Olympics 2018

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    A determined 14 year old UAE teen ice skater Amira Moati has got big plans for the upcoming Pyeongchang hosted Winter Olympics 2018. The bright skater is determined to come up as a pro skater and she trains 6 hours every day, 6 days of a week with the hope of achieving something really worthy at upcoming Games.

    Amira had always been fascinated about the sport since she saw her mother performing on a couple of blades when she was just 3 years old. In spite of her tender age, Amira has already competed in several international contests in Russia, Bulgaria & Austria, added to last 4 Middle East open championships.

    However, in the meantime, the young achiever is primarily focused on Open Figure UAE Skating Championships which is about to be held at Dubai, on 16th & 17th May.

    “I have been into training especially for this particular event & I am eagerly looking up to it”, stated Amira whose father is an Egyptian & mother a Russian.

    “I simply love everything about the sport- right from the music to the clothes to routines. It is my dream to accomplish something at the next South Korea Winter Olympics.”

    Amira would be participating in platinum category which is meant for most accomplished ice skaters & would perform 3 routines in the championship.

    Amira had her first ever tryst with ice with her mum.

    “I was eager to skate on ice along with her & hence my mother got me the skates”, Amira continued. “I simply copied her & found it easier to skate”.

    As Amira turned 5 she shifted to Chelabinski to train under a good skating coach. The place was near to Amira’s mom’s paternal house near Ural mountains.

  • Pfeifendes Eis im Bad Oldesloer Kurpark

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  • Curling Curling Curva Ogień – EP EP EP! Fail u_u

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  • Curl – Jonathan Coulton – with Stephen Colbert & the US Olympic Curling Team

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  • Australia’s 2014 Winter Olympic curling hope?

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  • Another terror attack threat to Sochi Olympics

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    A 4 minute video uploaded by an al Qaeda ally again warns of terror attack at the forthcoming Sochi Olympic Games. The speaker’s face in the video is blurred. He says that Satan is with you, and it would leave you at the wrong time. And the time is coming very soon.

    The video was uploaded earlier this month on a website but it gained more interest on Friday, just 2 weeks before the Winter Olympics opening ceremony. The video clip shows a militant mocking how the Russians have become panic-stricken of so-called Muslim extremists. It says that Russian president has caused Russians to think about life seriously, and it is something that could end at a sudden moment, like on a trolley bus, or along Volga River.

    The Winter Games would take place in Sochi, which is several hundred miles away from North Caucasus area, where the militants are engaging in a campaign against the Russian president. Their main concern is to humiliate Putin during his most prominent time on the international stage.

    Russian forces have swept through Caucasus in the past few days. All the hotels in Sochi have been asked to be on the scout for so-called black widow female terrorists who might be plotting a series of attacks during the Winter Olympics.

    According to reports, Putin is spending $50 billion for the games, and he has vowed that the athletes would be safe. A ring of steel, watched over by around forty thousand Russian security forces, would protect a fifteen hundred square mile region surrounding Olympic venues.

  • Olympic Curling

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  • 1997 Olympic Curling Trials on CKX TV (end credits)

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  • Masekela set to Join Winter Olympics Coverage

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    Sal Masekela, a veteran sports personality, is all set to join the winter Olympics’ coverage of NBC. This news was revealed by the network earlier on Thursday. Sal would cover every aspect of the Olympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi, Russia for the show The Olympic Zone, which is NBC Sports Group’s thirty minutes daily program for NBC affiliates.

    NBC Olympics’ executive producer Jim Bell told that Sal Masekela would give a unique voice and insight in the world of entertainment and sports. His extensive action sports broadcast experience would offer a valuable perspective to Winter Olympics viewers.

    In the year 2012, Sal Masekela joined NBC, where he serves as a producer, commentator and host for NBC’s Red Bull Signature Series.

    Sal’s earlier broadcast experience includes working as an anchor of the Summer and Winter X Games for thirteen years on ABC and ESPN. He also worked as an NBA sideline reporter for ESPN as well as a red carpet pressman for E! the Academy Awards.

    Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia was in Sochi earlier on Thursday and he stated that the organizers are all set to arrange the Winter Olympics next year. According to reports, the Russian president told that almost everything has been done. But, there are still some things that required to be polished. Some equipments needed to be installed and additional preparation work must be finished.

    Vladimir Putin also talked about a flexible pricing policy .He told that it is quite important to give the opportunity to people to attend this event from different region of the county.