• Young Mississauga Canoe Club Quartet Creates History

    September 10, 2014

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    Winning the gold at a prestigious championship is certainly a great feat but the glory becomes all the more special when the performers create history. This is exactly what has happened with young quartet of Mississauga Canoe Club- Emily Howard, Zeyana Laplante, Emily Jenkins & Vanessa Oly have not only clinched gold at the Canada Sprint Canoe event but have also set the record of being the youngest team to win junior women C-4 title ever in the championship’s 113-year old history.

    It was quite a surprise for the young girls who were literally overwhelmed when they realized about their newly set record.

    “We were very surprised”, remarked Howard who as Grade X student from Lome Park Secondary School.

    “We did not have any clue that we would win the gold, let alone this very fact of creating the record of being the youngest squad to do so- we thought the best we could reach up to is 4th.”

    The 17 year old Vanessa Oly is the oldest member of the quartet while Jenkins is sixteen & Laplante & Howard are both 15.

    The team is even proud of the fact that it’s the 2nd time on a row that Mississauga Canoe Club won the junior women C-4 title. Howard stressed that it’s quite a rare phenomenon for a canoe club to achieve such feat for 2 years straight.

    Heading to the final round, the team had no experience of paddling together & coach Jeffery altered their configuration as a strategy to compensate for the strong winds. There were 2 right-handed paddlers for the front who were followed left handers.

    Jenkins & Howard also won the bronze medal in C-2 senior women event.  Their club won all together twenty-three medals at the nationals.

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